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B2MeM ink drawings. Prompt 15 and 17

I have tired of only doing quick sketches, so I decided to do fewer and spend longer on them. I hope it shows, lol! There is a warning for see-through clothes and a heretic representation of a Maia for prompt 17. ;)

Prompt 15: Dare I disturb the universe. Mablung and Beleg on their way to Nirnaeth Arnoediad. Then Thingol fortified the marches of his realm, and went not to war, nor any out of Doriath save Mablung and Beleg, who were unwilling to have no part in these great deeds. Would they wonder if they did the right thing, and if their presence or absence would disturb the universe?

Prompt 17: Break a stereotype. The meeting of Melian and Thingol. It's all very romantically described in the Silmarillion, where they meet and an enchantment fall on them so they stand in a forest holding hands while years go by... But we are also told the elves were fair beyond compare, so what did Melian have to so capture Thingol's attention? Well, she was akin to Yavannah, Queen of the Earth and growing things, so I thought she might have chosen a more "earthy" form, one suited for procreation and love? ;) And I don't believe those two were just standing around, when there are so much better ways to celebrate being in love.
Tags: art:ink, b2mem 2009, character:beleg, character:mablung, character:melian, character:thingol, fanart:silmarillion
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