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B2MeM sketch dump! Days 1-9

March is Back 2 Middle-earth Month and the silwritersguild is providing anyone willing with a prompt a day to inspire the Tolkien muses out of the woodwork. :D I have decided to use it as an opportunity to do a study of Mablung of Doriath, about whom "canon" has preciously little to say, so my imagination can run free for most of the time. And also, he met or could conceivably have met nearly every important character in Middle Earth until the fall of Doriath. So there are plenty of opportunities to widen the horizon. With so many prompts and so little time to complete them in, I can only offer you sketches, I'm afraid. But I think some of these are ideas are pretty cool, so I may convert them into proper drawings/paintings when time allows.

Day 1 prompt: Learning to make a fire

Mablung spent time with the Nandor in his youth, and from them learned the art of fire-breathing. He much appreciated using the higher quality lamp oil in Doriath, rather than the fairly explosive stuff of the Nandor. :D

Day 2 prompt: Facing a great danger

After having lost Morwen and Nienor near Nargothrond, Mablung was captured by the Dragon Glaurung, who mocked Mablung, but spared his life and set him free to return with the shameful news to his king.
(Note: Glaurung is greatly inspired by John Howe's creations)

Day 3 prompt: A happy moment

Mablung sharing a drink and a joke with his sister and Beleg.

Day 4 prompt: Role model

Young Mablung spying on Beleg. :D

Day 5 prompt: Regret

The death of Saeros. (Mablung carrying the body back to Menegroth) If this had been prevented, maybe many unhappy events would not have come to pass...

Day 6 prompt: "Music can name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable."

Daeron of Doriath, putting music to the first rising of the moon... (I'm greatly conflicted over this, because I love this imagery, but I find the whole idea of Middle Earth without Sun and Moon for millenias rather hard to explain. *spills can of worms*

Day 7 prompt: You are walking in the woods and sudden a tree whispers to you ...

The fall of the leaves are a constant reminder that time passes, even for an immortal. Mablung, in a quiet pensive moment.

Day 8 prompt: Beauty/ugliness and day 9 prompt: antihero

Mablung watching Thingol obsessing over the Silmaril. The brightest light casts the darkest shadows...
Tags: art:pencil, art:sketches, b2mem 2009, character:beleg, character:daeron, character:mablung, character:oc, character:thingol, creature:glaurung, fanart:silmarillion
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